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Manhattan Penthouse & Alger House is Celebrating 40 years!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Catering Creativity

There are four decades of customized cuisine at the Manhattan Penthouse & the Alger House, that in itself should tell you how special we truly are. We offer elegant food selections and top professional executives that ensure your menu caters to you and your special event. From start to finish, our professionals are by your side.

Choosing a venue can be trying enough, let alone trying to figure out the food. There are so many menu choices out there today, not to mention dietary restrictions for some guests. You have to decide, will it be just hordevours, a formal sit down or stations? With all these decisions, it can seem daunting.

We offer the best executives in the industry, with that being said, they ease the stress of making choices, and can lend very knowledgeable ideas, creativity and a sense of relief from the painstaking decision making. After's your day, it should be about you and you should have the best of the best by your side throughout the entire process. Let your focus be on the memory making!