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Manhattan Penthouse & Alger House is Celebrating 40 years!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Moment in Time in New York City

As many of you know, 2013 is Green Mansions Catering's 40th year in business as NYC's premier event and catering location. We take great pride in having reached the 40 year landmark, knowing firsthand just how difficult it is to survive even one year in the great city of New York.

Something that gets lost in the 40 year history is simply how much stuff we've accumulated over the years. Boxes and boxes line the office, full of files, orders, reports, books, magazines, documents, directories, charts, lists, portfolios, graphs, and pretty much anything else you can think of. One of the biggest treats in looking through all of this seemingly ancient history is finding photos from the times gone by. We've got photographs from some of our first events, before we ever acquired Manhattan Penthouse and the Alger House. We've got shots from weddings across the last 5 decades, capturing the "styles" (we use that term loosely!) popular of the times.

One of the most fascinating things we've found is set of shots across the skyline from an exact moment in time. Oddly enough, we're not sure when that exact moment is! We know that it's from about 10 years ago, likely at some point in 2003. Thanks to the multiple clocks displayed by some of the prominent buildings seen from our Penthouse, we can also know that it's 8:45 PM. Judging by the still-apparent twilight, we can also wager that it's likely in early or late summer as well.

Think back to the Summer of 2003. What were you doing? How was your life different? How have things stayed the change? Once you've thought nice and long about it, go ahead and sit back and enjoy the compilation of pictures below. Let them take you back to a nice summer night in '03. Put on some Beyonce ft. Jay-Z (before they were married), maybe watch some Finding Nemo, and fade away...

The W Hotel in Union Square, one of the nicest in the area

The look out of our south windows toward downtown, lacking any sign of either the Twin Towers or the Freedom Tower

Our view to the west including the West Village and Jersey City in the distance.

The Jefferson Market Courthouse clock tower clocks in at just before 8:45 PM

The wispy sunset streaks behind the Empire State Building
The Metlife Tower confirms again the 8:45 time stamp