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Monday, April 1, 2013

Why the Alger House is one of the Best Rehearsal Dinner Venues in New York City

When we think of weddings, a bunch of different things come to mind; the venue, the dress, the flowers, the cake, the music, the food, the drinks, the dancing, the EVERYTHING! It seems like if anything gets left to the last minute, it's usually the rehearsal dinner. Let us make a case for why that shouldn't be the norm.

The rehearsal dinner should be a time of rest and relaxation for everyone the night before the madness ensues. It's like the calm before the storm; so why is it so often not all that calm? 

Many times, people turn to restaurants as the venue for their rehearsal dinners. Some are even lucky enough to rent a private room. But even so, how private is it? Why subject your future father-in-law to making a toast over the sounds of a crying baby (trust us--plenty of time later in the marriage for that)? Why force your best man to try and engage in conversation while overhearing the lady at table 7 who "absolutely" ordered mashed potatoes with garlic, not gravy? 

When people choose the Alger House as their rehearsal dinner venue, all people get in return is smiles. The cuisine is award-winning and perfectly catered to the couples desires. The staff are professionals, a long ways past the college kid scraping by for tips by waiting tables. And most importantly, the space is all yours. No crying baby's, no fussy customers, and no problems. The chefs are cooking for you and only you, not you and a full house of hungry customers. That's why we're thrilled when people call us up for rehearsal dinners; we simply know what a great decision it is.