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Monday, June 3, 2013

Revisiting 1991's "Lost and Found: Decorating with Unexpected Objects"

Thanks to the internet, it seems like every week we have different people writing public pieces about our venues. Whether they're online reviews, blog posts, event reviews, or whatever, it's never too difficult to find a piece talking about either the Manhattan Penthouse or Alger House. Back in 1991, it was a different story. The wedding industry was entirely offline and in magazines. Wordpress blogs, of which today there are over 60,000,000, were still over 12 years away. Even the just the idea of writing a review on this thing called the internet hadn't yet been born.

So you can imagine, when the Alger House was featured in Joanna Wissinger's book "Lost and Found: Decorating with Unexpected Objects", it was a big deal. The Alger House was featured in an entire chapter entitled "Living with Architectural Salvage". The opening page reads...
"Decorative items in the house include fine examples of stained glass, some of which are inset in door frames, others simply hung in front of existing windows. Carved stone corbels and rondels, ornamented with fantastic and grotesque faces, are set into the walls....The overall effect is of space: large, bare, accented with pieces of ornament, elegant in an austere way. The salvage pieces stand on their own and are effective against the bare surroundings. The spare interior gives them room to breath and be appreciated for their intrinsic beauty."
 As one can plainly see, we were thrilled to see our inclusion in this golden relic. We even made the cover, with a fabulously centered picture of our previous Garden Room setup. The love seat, which is still in the Garden Room, is perfectly centered beneath mirrors, paintings, between two Roman pillars, and below the clam-shell lamp. Take a look at a few more of the pictures below. If you're interested in buying the book, follow the link above to Amazon and go wild!