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Manhattan Penthouse & Alger House is Celebrating 40 years!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Celebrating Manhattan Penthouse and Alger House's Recent Awards!

As another year is coming to a close, the awards have been rolling in to the office here at Green Mansions Catering. We would like to take some time to acknowledge the awards and give thanks to all of you who've made them possible.

First off, an award from our friends over at Manhattan Bride. We love working with these folks due to their high standards of excellence and their dedication to providing the brides-to-be of Manhattan with top-class information. We won their "Best of 2012" award and are proud to have received their stamp of approval.

Next up comes a company that we're sure many of you have heard of and rely upon for your wedding info, The Knot. Time and time again, The Knot has proven to provide some top-quality information in regards to all facets of planning a wedding. We're proud to announce being awarded The Knot's coveted "Best of Weddings" award for 2013. Being that only 4-5% of vendors listed upon the site actually win the award, we're very happy to have won and think it's okay to boast a little! This is our second straight year winning this award, and we hope that this "winning" streak will continue long into the future!

Finally, not so much of an "award" but more of a notification and a thank you to you, our customers! Wedding Wire, from whom we've won their "Bride's Choice" award four years running, recently added a new type of award for companies that receive a high number of reviews. We are now considered "Wedding Wire Rated", and have the badge to prove it! Our 50 reviews on the site account for one of the highest numbers among all venues listed in the NYC Metro area. We can't help but thank all of you for raving about us to the rest of the wedding community! We're very proud of our 4.8 out of 5.0 rating, and constantly refer people to our accumulation of reviews. All we can say is keep 'em coming!

As 2013 continues to approach, we'll keep all of you posted on these awards as they come in. Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out our Facebook for even more information!