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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rockin Around the Holiday Party

Sure, so it's 60 degrees in New York City. In December. Only a week before Christmas. But that doesn't change anything! If you couldn't have guessed from the title of the post, we here at the venue offices have a favorite little tune for this time of year. It goes a little something like this:

                                                    Rocking around the Christmas Tree
                                                         at the Christmas party hop
                                                     Mistletoe hung where you can see
                                                          Ev'ry couple tries to stop

As you can imagine, we have quite a few "Christmas Party Hop's" at this time of year. From lavish big business affairs to small, intimate dinners, we've quite literally seen it all. The holiday party is a staple across offices and companies everywhere, and we're happy to provide a couple of special venues for people to unwind with a glass of 'nog or holiday spiced wine and enjoy each other's company. Just please, for our sake, don't be like these guys

Another great feature of the season is the post-holiday party! Just when you think you've heard "Jingle Bells" for the last time, everyone gets to come together last time and enjoy the good vibes of the season. If any of you out there are scrambling to piece together a post-holiday party, slow down. Relax. We've got you covered. We are offering some great rates for January and would love to hear from you. Give us a call and let us ease your post-holiday worries. And we'll let you decide whether or not to hang up the mistletoe where you can see!