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Manhattan Penthouse & Alger House is Celebrating 40 years!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lending a Helping Hand to NYC Charity Events

The holidays also represent another exciting time of the year for us: Fundraiser time! Everyone is in the giving mood, and what better way to capitalize on this than through a holiday fundraiser.

Every year, we host all sorts of fundraising events at our smaller, highly affordable venue the Alger House. It is simply a perfect match for smaller charities to host an incredible event and also raise money for their cause. To the left you can see a small group of people representing the Opera Singers Initiative, a lovely group of folks dedicated to teaching "business education and entrepreneurial skills to opera and classical singers".

There are few things we love more than being able to accommodate these dedicated charities. We offer more-than-reasonable rates and packages for these groups, and try our best to do our part in supporting them. If you ever get a chance to come out to one of our venues, or any venue for that matter, and support a charity, do it! It's always better to give at this time of year, especially to groups and people that truly need it.