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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busting Out From the Traditional Wedding Dance Moves

There are plenty of reasons that people love weddings. Some love it for the food, some love it for the drinking, and others love it just for the love that they get to witness. One of our favorite parts has to be the dancing. 

When you've seen as many weddings as we have (40th Anniversary = A LOT of weddings!), it's easy to get accustomed to the routine. At the Manhattan Penthouse and Alger House, we know almost beyond a doubt how the event will run and when to expect things down to the minute. But with dancing, and all of the self-expression and joy it induces, we're always left wondering what will happen. Will it be a more soft and tender group, swaying slowly to an array of sweet songs? Will it turn into a High School Prom, with bumpin' and grindin' in excess all over the floor? Or maybe something completely different will emerge? It's a constant guessing game, and we love to watch the story unfold. 

Things most often start out very tender and heart-warming, most often with the couple's first dance. After that is also the father-daughter and mother-son dances. These are usually some of the most touching moments of the night, and the occasional tearing-up is bound to happen. 

Once the customary dances are complete, things tend to get a bit crazy. If you've got a legitimately skilled dancer, they usually like spice things up a bit. This gets everyone excited to dance and is a great icebreaker for those wall-flowers standing by the bar.  


For the rest of us that can't dance their way out of a paper bag, weddings are a great event to fine-tune some of our more ridiculous variations. But there is no ridiculing at weddings; only cheerful laughter and motivational hand-claps to bring people even further out of their shell. We think the people below took to this advice exceptionally, and showed off some fabulous moves.

What's your go-to move? Do you have any great wedding dance stories? We'd love to hear about them! Tell us either on Facebook or on Twitter!

One final big thanks to all of the photographers featured in this post: